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It seems vitally important to celebrate the birthday of Meiko Kaji (March 24, 1947) at the time when the suicide among Japanese women keeps on rising alarmingly.

Kaji “The female badass,” is a glamourous icon of Japanese ultraviolence cinema and a uniquely-talented singer.

You may know her from Lady Snowblood修羅雪姫 .Tarantino fans are likely familiar with her songs that appear on the Kill Bill soundtracks.

She embodies the spirit of a vengeful-vigorous, yet emotional women that survives all life obstacles, either with a sword or simply with an unstoppable spirit of endurance.

Japan recently reported a suicide rate more than anywhere else in the world. Surprisingly, rates among women surged nearly 15% this year, chiefly due to Covid-19.

Loneliness, career worries and the complexity to reach independence are the main problems that leads Japanese women to choose suicide as their last option, especially that marriage is not popular in Japan and many women tend to live alone and support themselves.

Kaji paves the way for the very real idea of feminism, gender equality and resistance on top of the list, which shall be the raison d’être for all the Japanese women, in order to overpass the psychological problems they are facing owing to the circumstances.

o-tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Kaji.



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