Plans to raise council taxes by 4.99 percent in Buckinghamshire have been approved.

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Plans to raise council tax by the maximum amount permitted without calling a local election were approved on February 14th.

Bucks Council announced that its draught tax increase of 4.99 percent had been approved.

Cabinet members approved the proposed budget for the financial year 2023–2024, putting an end to a vote by the full Council scheduled for next Wednesday (22 February).

According to the council, funds from the tax increase will be used to pay for school and road improvement projects.

In the plan, 2% of the proposed increase is a Government precept that will be used for social care, and the remaining 4% of the increase has council approval.

According to Bucks Herald, Martin Tett, the leader of Bucks Council, stated: “I first want to highlight that this budget has been developed by residents and thoroughly reviewed by a cross-party group of councillors. Our spending proposals were influenced by the responses we received to our “Money Matters” budget consultation at the end of last year. After the plans were developed, the scrutiny committee thoroughly reviewed them, and we took that feedback into account during today’s meeting.

Bucks Council claims that in order to cover its expenses for the upcoming year, it will require an additional £63 million due to rising costs and national inflation.

The blueprint will cost Band D households £1.61 more per week if it is approved next week.

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