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Pothole Pandemonium: AA Urges Drivers to Dodge Puddles Amid Record-Breaking Breakdowns

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The AA is urging motorists to steer clear of puddles following a record-breaking month for breakdowns attributed to potholes.

With over half a million call-outs this year, translating to a daily average of more than 1,500, the motoring group attributes the surge to ‘continuous poor weather’ and recent storms like Babet, Ciaran, and Debi, contributing to deteriorating road conditions.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak allocated over £8 billion in funding last month to address what he termed the “scourge of potholes.”

According to RAC’s analysis of garage repair data, drivers are shelling out an average of £440 for car repairs resulting from pothole-related damage beyond a mere puncture.

Common vehicular issues include distorted wheels, damaged shock absorbers, and broken suspension springs.

Potholes typically form due to water infiltrating cracks in the road surface. The cyclical freezing and thawing of water during icy winter conditions weaken the road’s structure, causing material to loosen and resulting in these problematic road hazards.

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