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Aylesbury is ranked as the fifth-worst place to live in England in a mean spirited poll for 2023.

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Aylesbury has been ranked as the fifth-worst place to live in England 2023 by an unkind poll.

Aylesbury received the most votes and was named the worst city to live in in last year’s rankings compiled by

This year, Luton won the undesirable award, with Peterborough coming in second.

Portsmouth came in third, followed by nearby Slough in fourth and Aylesbury in fifth.

“Stuck in traffic allows you to observe the magnificent beauty… of all the trashy citizens that live here,” one voter wrote on YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, the main issue raised in the rankings was traffic.

The town is not one of the worst places to live in the nation, despite the fact that the consistently slow-moving traffic into and out of central Aylesbury continues to be a frustrating issue that needs to be addressed and managed better by the authorities.

However, the mocking column has once more disregarded some of Aylesbury’s best attributes.

There was no mention of the town’s hugely popular, stunningly designed multi-million pound theatre, or picturesque tourist destinations like Waddesdon Manor or the Grand Union Canal.

Once more, the growing appeal of Aylesbury as a commuter town providing easy access to London was disregarded.

Aylesbury may not be perfect, but the town’s reputation is improving and it is still only a short drive from other highly sought-after regions of the nation.

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