Buckingham’s annual dog show cancelled

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Buckingham town council has released a statement that its annual dog show this year will be cancelled.

Normally held in Bourton Park, due to the extreme weather conditions, the event this year will not go ahead.

Dog owners will be sorry to see this decision made but it is an understandable action, as the weather is predicted to be nearing 30 degrees Celsius.

The Town Council took advice from the RSPCA and local experts, with guidance being that temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius can be dangerous to dogs when out walking or in direct sunlight.  Multiple weather forecasts were consulted and all predicted temperatures over this number.

Chairman of Town Centre and Events Committee, Cllr. Robin Stuchbury said “It is with great regret that we had to cancel this year’s dog show because the weather forecast predicted to be very high temperatures. After discussions with our event partners, it was agreed that it would be a high risk to the animal’s welfare as temperatures are forecasted to be over 30°. We hope that you understand the logic behind this decision, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to those who were planning on entering this year’s event.”

Instead the council is hoping to host the event again next year.

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