Resident brings a fresh taste to the town’s dining scene

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A new restaurant has opened on West Street, offering a fresh dining experience amid recent business closures. 

Buckingham has become intimately familiar with business closure. In the span of a year, the town has witnessed the shutdown of several businesses like M&Co, Italian restaurant Prezzo and BINN Smokehouse  

After living here for four years, Gazmir Gjolekaj turned his love for Greek cuisine into reality with a Greek restaurant in town, and he is filled with hope for a successful venture. 

Gazmir, Owner of Restaurant, said: “We have been opened for nearly a month now. We are looking forward to making changes in the town. Everything we do is homemade. Everything is fresh. We use in charcoal.  

“As far as I know, there’s no Greek restaurant. We are the first in the town and this is my first business, hopefully it goes well.” 

Gazmir Gjolekaj, Owner of Greek House Souvlaki
Gazmir Gjolekaj, Owner of Greek House Souvlaki
Greek House Souvlaki

The new restaurant is located on No 4 West Street, Greek House Souvlaki opened its doors just 4 weeks ago and has managed to attract a full house every evening. 

The community’s response to the arrival of this new addition has, however, been mixed. 

Rowan, a local, said: “I have lived in Buckingham for 16 years. There isn’t much Greek food around, so it’s nice to have it there. 

Another resident, Mrs. Shotten said: “We’ve been there once, and we were a little bit disappointed with it because we’ve been going to Greece for a long time and so we are very familiar with Greek food.  

“And we came with much to compare it with, so we were a little bit disappointed. But they were friendly, and everything was nice.” 

Facing past closures, Gjolekaj remains confident. He believes strong community ties and exceptional dining experiences will set his restaurant apart.  

Will it stand strong to become a favourite in town? Only time will reveal the full story. 


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