Royal Latin students celebrate excellent GCSE results

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This year, all Exam Boards have acted to align top grades with the 2019 levels by implementing measures to decrease percentages.

Due to alterations in performance criteria in the past two years, making valid year-to-year comparisons for this year is unfeasible.

Amid reduced results, RLS noted a positive outcome: 18% achieved grade 9, and an impressive 42% reached grades 9-8. Two thirds of all grades were 9-7 grades.

Despite the difficulties, it was remarkable that three students attained grade 9s in all their ten subjects, showcasing exceptional achievement.

Simultaneously, 35 students excelled with grades 9-8 in a minimum of 8 subjects, demonstrating progress surpassing KS2 expectations as per national data.

Headteacher Mr. David Hudson mentioned, “This student cohort faced a three-year disruption to learning. Their remarkable grades reflect resilience and adaptability. Their tremendous efforts deserve immense recognition.

These outcomes credit both students’ dedication and teachers’ guidance, highlighting the invaluable support of parents in the process.

I’m thrilled that most students can pursue their preferred A-levels at Latin. We anticipate their continued achievements, whether here or elsewhere.

Head of Year 11, Mrs. Jodie Pratt, expressed immense pride in students’ perseverance in Years 10 and 11, resulting in deserving success. Their resilience amid challenges has been truly impressive.

Source : BucksHerald

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