Safety concerns over Arriva Bus from Buckingham

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Arriva has responded to concerns raised by a worried passenger regarding the safety of one of its services at peak times, according to The Milton Keynes Citizen.

The X60 service which runs between Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, and also picks up passengers in Buckingham, gets particularly busy before and after school.

On a recent trip the worried passenger counted 20 youngsters standing on a single-deck bus. It’s claimed the issue is particularly prevalent during school rush times prior to 8am and just after 3pm.

However, the transport company has responded stating its vehicles are designed and licensed to carry passengers who may be standing. On a recent journey an Arriva bus had to be evacuated due to a suspected suspension collapse.

One resident said: “Had this vehicle’s structural failure happened at the generally maximum speed drivers are forced to achieve on this long demanding rural route, the driver could have lost control with disastrous consequences inside and outside the bus.”

Once an hour, during the day, the X60 transports customers between Milton Keynes and Aylesbury going via Buckingham. The service runs until just after 8pm on weekdays and does not run Sundays. Stony Stratford, Padbury, and Whitchurch, are other popular stopping points on the transport route.

This service attracts a lot of youngsters during the school run as it stops near to a series of sought-after schools in the Buckingham, Milton Keynes, and Winslow area. Whilst Arriva noted its buses are built to accommodate some passengers standing, the bus company said it would consider sending double decker buses on the route at busy times.

The concerned resident added: “This high risk system of travel is normal on our school buses. Children are being treated as mere commodities inside and outside.”

A spokesperson for Arriva said: “The X60 runs every hour, with additional journeys already provided at peak times to give a 30-minute frequency.

“It’s important to note that our buses are designed and licensed to carry passengers who may be standing.

“We are looking into how double-decker buses might be made available from elsewhere in the business to allow us to take more passengers in the future.”

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