Schoolboys climb Scafell Pike whilst tied together for charity 

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Two boys from Buckingham were given the challenge to stay active during the summer break and raised funds for a Milton Keynes charity by conquering Scafell Pike, the bucks herald reports.

Cousins, Digby Ridout, 14, and Max Freeman, 15, climbed England’s tallest mountain, while spending an extended part of the trek tied together. 

On Friday, 1st September the pair successfully scaled the mountain to raise funds for Ride High Limited. 

A fundraising page can be found on Gofundme the Bucks teenagers have already surpassed the target marker of £500 with 39 contributors totaling it to £728. 

A rope was fastened around the cousins’ legs during the first mile of both the ascent and descent of the challenge. 

To make sure the teens stayed active and did not spend too long indoors while school was out, Digby’s dad set him a series of summer challenges. 

One of the more ambitious ones was to climb Scafell Pike, another was to raise money for charity, the duo decided to combine the two challenges. 

The boys were not afraid to climb the mountain. It took them eight hours to go up and down, but they were used to exploring. Digby is a scout and Max is working on his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. 

Digby and Max ahead of their climb up Scafell Pike

Both enjoy playing individual and team sports at school, with Digby a keen rock climber and Max being a member of his local triathlon club. 

Max and Digby decided to fundraise for Ride High, a charity where Digby’s mother, Alex, volunteers 

Ride High Milton Keynes gives children the opportunity to ride horses, which is seen as a way for them to build confidence and self-esteem. 

“Every Wednesday I go in and spend a couple hours there, so it was an obvious charity for them to do sponsorship with,” Alex said. 

“You will get children that will come in that are so terrified of getting on a horse, and then by the time they leave us the amount of confidence its given them is quite amazing.” 




IMAGE SOURCE: The Bucks Herald

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