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Senior Media Advisor to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shares her experience working at No.10

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The University of Buckingham welcomed back Frederika Mitchell, a Buckingham graduate and Senior Media Advisor to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to share her insights into her role at Number 10 Downing Street.

Frederika studied English Literature with Journalism at Buckingham from 2010-2012 and later earned a Masters in Security and Intelligence Studies.

Mitchell now focuses on organising media coverage for the Prime Minister’s events and visits.

Frederika’s responsibilities include being the primary contact for broadcasters and picture agencies, as well as orchestrating visually impactful moments with the Prime Minister during his engagements. Mitchell undertook similar responsibilities for Liz Truss and Boris Johnson.

During the talk held at the Radcliffe Centre, Frederika answered the questions posed by curious listeners eager to get an insider perspective of Number 10 and the differing characteristics of the current and last two Prime Ministers.

She described her work during the Covid spread in 2020 as turbulent and assured the rapt audience that she was not involved in Partygate.

The hour-long session ended with a gossipy tidbit which made the audience chuckle: Rishi Sunak loves sweets.

Frederika said: “He has such a sweet tooth. It’s quite funny! He always has a hidden bowl of sweets. He loves Haribo fangstastics!”


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