The RSPCA raises alarm about a ‘crisis’ of animal abandonment in Buckinghamshire

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An animal welfare organization has issued a warning, indicating that the number of reported abandoned pets in Buckinghamshire has reached a three-year peak in 2023, with expectations of further increases.

Expressing deep concern, a senior representative from the RSPCA highlighted an anticipated ‘unprecedented winter crisis’ of animal abandonments in Buckinghamshire in the coming months. The charity is projected to receive 191 reports of abandoned animals in the county this year, reflecting a 20.8% increase compared to 2020.

This upward trend is not unique to Buckinghamshire, as over 3,000 additional abandonments are anticipated across England and Wales by the end of the year, representing a potential 32.9% rise over three years for the RSPCA.

Dermot Murphy, the leader of RSPCA’s frontline rescue teams, emphasized the impact of the combined challenges posed by the pandemic and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Murphy stated, “Abandonment calls to our emergency line are now at a three-year high, as we respond to an increasing number of animals being given up and dumped.”

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Murphy urged the public to contribute donations to support the care of animals in ‘desperate need’ of the charity’s services. He emphasized that public support plays a crucial role in addressing the needs of neglected and abandoned animals, from providing warm bedding and nourishing food to funding essential veterinary care.

Expressing deep concern about the approaching winter months in Buckinghamshire, Murphy stated, “Abandonments have soared, and many rescue centres are full to bursting, so we are facing an unprecedented winter crisis.”

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