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University faculties engage in intense sports showdown

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A clash of skills unfolded on August 23rd at the Chancellors Cup 2023 as the faculties from the University of Buckingham battled for victory in various sporting activities. 

The Buckingham Sports Union took advantage of the weather and crafted an unforgettable day to unite all students from the faculties through various games while allowing them to build teamwork and enjoy themselves. 

Kicking off the action was the Volleyball matches, and right out of the gate, Medicine showed their dominance, securing two commanding wins. Computing, Law, and Psychology battled it out for another victory, setting the stage for an action-packed afternoon. 

The excitement continued with the Ultimate Frisbee matches. Computing, Law, and Psychology displayed their skills, capturing two hard-fought wins. Yet, Medicine wasn’t to be overshadowed and secured a well-deserved win for themselves. With the scores tantalizingly close, tensions were high as we moved into the crucial races. 

Offering teams, the chance to earn big points, the races became a turning point where the Business, Humanities, and Social Science faculty shined and claimed victory in an astounding seven out of ten events. 

The grand finale saw a test of strength in a Tug of War, all faculties showcased their might and at the end the school of Computing, Law, and Psychology pulled off two decisive victories. The school of Business, Humanities, and Social Science fought back, grabbing a pivotal win of their own. 

It was a fierce competition but only one could emerge the winner, the school of Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences came out the champions with a whopping 460 points. Right behind them, with 430 points was the school of Computing, Law, and Psychology, and lastly with 340 points was Medicine. 

Computing, Law and Psychology faculty
Medicine faculty
Business, Humanities and Social science faculty

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