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University of Buckingham to launch Margaret Thatcher Chair for the Constitution of Liberty

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The University of Buckingham is to establish a new professorial chair.

It will be announced at a reception at Number 10 Downing Street, on Sept 6. This comes as part of the celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the University of Buckingham receiving its Royal Charter.

2023 marks the university’s 40th anniversary and also is the 10th anniversary of the death of Margaret Thatcher, a previous UK Prime Minister, who actively supported the university and became its second Chancellor after leaving Number 10.

The professorial chair will attract distinguished specialists to support research and teaching programmes. The concepts and themes Lady Thatcher held dear will reach a wider audience by disseminating specialised knowledge, the authorship of books, other academic papers, and the convening conferences and seminars.

Vice-chancellor of the university, James Tooley, said: ‘We will appoint a professor distinguished in their field with an internationally recognised research profile and considerable teaching experience. The chair will be in one or more disciplines that contribute to the understanding of the constitution of Liberty including, but not limited to, political science, philosophy, history and economics. It will be a world-class appointment.

‘Many hard-won freedoms are being challenged as never before. We need new thinking to ensure the protection of the constitution of liberty for which Margaret Thatcher fought so hard – that is why we need this chair now.’

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