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When musical royalty combined to fight racism.

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A “Black and white” history has been going for a very long time between the UK and the US.

Since today is the birthday of Wilson Pickett (March 18, 1941 – January 19, 2006,) one of the major figures in American soul music, here is an event I want to share with you that might strengthen your conviction in the beauty of this history and alleviate the ongoing malice of racism.

During the 1970, Tom Jones invited Pickett to his (This is tom Jones Tv show), the result of this “British-American-Black-White” fusion, was an authentic-artistic medley that kept me positive for a whole week, while playing it continuously on my speakers.

Dormant BLM principles have strongly come back to life after the “exasperating” interview that engrossed racism morals, yet this time wearing a monarchical drama mask, where the right side represents the confident-white British sovereignty and a leftie side acting for the American demeaned Duchess.

Despite the different point of views regarding this interview, the diverse community I live in shared their utter delight with me for the six minutes musical masterpiece that represents vehemently both cultures.

Stevie Wonder, Little Richard and Ray Charles were also guests at Jone’s show.

Make sure you play this on loudspeakers; Knowing how diverse the UK and the US are, do not worry about offending anyone, quite the opposite in fact!

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