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Women’s Parliament to take place in Buckingham

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The University of Buckingham Law School will host The Women’s Parliament at the beginning of March.

Scheduled for March 6, two days ahead of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Parliament will take place in Buckingham to address matters related to women’s rights, such as the gender pay & pensions gap, economics and women’s economic independence, as well as AI.

Other topics on the table include violence against women as well as law, culture, and society. At the debate there will be a Motion authored by The Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt, Senior Fellow at the Law School at The University of Buckingham.

Participants in The Women’s Parliament will explore calls to governments about ensuring that a Women’s Bill of Rights is introduced and passed by the Parliament.

The Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt explains, “During the struggle for women’s suffrage last century, women staged Women’s Parliaments to demand the vote. While this was achieved on the same basis as men in 1928, there is still a long way to go in terms of achieving equality. Building on the action and activism of those women of the past, women today are demanding our rights in full measure. Speaking out as members of The Women’s Parliament, women from a broad range of backgrounds, with practical and personal commitment to women’s rights, recognise the power of women’s voices.”

Members of the public, including prospective and current law students are welcome to attend though places are limited. The Women’s Parliament will also be live streamed, available for everyone to watch.

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