Year five students help medical students through exams

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Seven children from Swanbourne House School assisted with University of Buckingham’s Medical School students’ simulation-style exam.

The exam took place at the University of Buckingham’s Medical Centre at Milton Keynes University Hospital on March 22.

Each of the year five children from Swanbourne House School played children who had fallen off of a trampoline, with the Medical students re-enacting doctor’s assessment, examining the child’s hips and taking the child’s history from their “parent” played by another actor.

For the second part of their examination, they will have to examine real life patients.

The 57 medical students will be the first group the graduate from The University of Buckingham’s Medical School in June.

100 people helped assess the students consisting of admin staff, actors, patients and children.

Assessment Lead at the University of Buckingham’s Medical School Claire Stewart said: “It was a pleasure to have young people working collaboratively with the university to help our first cohort of medical students with their exam. It was an incredibly high stakes exam for both the medical school and the medical students.

“I cannot overemphasis the praise for the children from everyone involved in the examination. They are a real credit to you all.  Personally, I was so proud of them!”

The Head of Swanbourne House School, Mrs Jane Thorpe, said: “It was a privilege for our Year five pupils to assist the Medical School students through their final examinations. I am extremely proud of how well they conducted themselves and understood the responsibility of the task. They were very inspired and I am sure we have some future Medical professionals at Swanbourne House School.”

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