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Streaming services are now not the only entertainment platform to see an increase in viewership during the coronavirus lockdown.

With streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus that are benefitting from the crisis, last month BBC iPlayer also had one of the busiest day in its history. Shows such as The Repair Shop has now hit a new high of 6.7 million since its move to primetime on BBC. The hit show Gogglebox, which features people watching television at home, has continued to grow every week during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Younger viewers have been watching more linear TV. BBC stated that their younger viewers are watching 67% more compared to last year. Channel 4 received an increase of younger viewers not only for their comedic programmes, but other shows as well.

Broadcasting companies see their channels in playing a pivotal role during this pandemic and will continue to produce more content to satisfy their viewers’ entertainment.

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