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Mysterious yet uplifting notes appear around Buckingham

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A series of laminated notes bearing various quotes from literature, movies and influential historical figures have been found across Buckingham, posted onto various lampposts and poles.

The notes, which have no explicitly stated author, appear to have no consistent theme or narrative to the quotes written on them. Currently discovered notes include: 

  • A quote from the 2009 film Terminator: Salvation, found on a note tied to the signboard near  Buckingham Parish Church


  • A quote from late US President Abraham Lincoln, found in the cemetery near the vinson building.


  • A quote found near the closed resteraunt The Garage attributed to author Laurence Galian
  • A note simply naming the 1909 painting ‘The Sun’ by Edvard Munch, found near the OTM  


The featured note is a marked difference from the others. Found in the cemetery alongside the Abe Lincoln quote, it features a full coloured illustration of a furry black cat, alongside the words “There is a sun at midnight”, in reference to the aforementioned Laurence Galian quote. Judging by the design of the cat, it is possible the note is a tribute to the late, much loved University cat Dennis. It is not known how the quote is linked to the cat depicted.


As the handwriting is similar across notes, it is believed they share the same author.

The author of these notes, as well as why the reasons they were written and spread throughout the town, are all currently unknown. It’s possible more notes are out there, but have yet to be discovered.


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