New car parking measures to improve parking services announced

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Bucks Council has announced a new strategy designed to improve parking services throughout the county.

On 23 February, the Council announced that the new measures would include plans to transition towards cashless park and pay systems. Although the council says it will still offer cash payments for as long as economically possible.

This comes after it was revealed that parking prices throughout the county would be increased, and in some cases previously free car parks became chargeable.

In Buckingham, residents have expressed their concerns through Facebook and other media platforms, explaining that payment machines are often out of order and at times only offer card payments.

An ePetition was created to stop raising the parking charges in the town, as well as the extension to the hours of operation, including Sundays and Bank holidays.

The petition runs until March 13, and details how businesses and the wider community will suffer under increased prices.

The strategy is broken down into five categories: parking charges, technology and innovation, enforcement, parking assets, and looking to the future.

There is greater effort to incorporate new technology to offer greater flexibility to drivers, reduce congestion, and address off-street parking arrangements.


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