New skate park in Buckingham has finally been refurbished

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The Bridge Street Skatepark in Buckingham took around 12 weeks estimate to complete and was anticipated that the new facility will be open and ready to use by November 2023.

However, due to floods, the space was ready to use as of January 2024.


It has cost £250,000 and the area has been designed for all ages, experiences, and abilities, enabling progression at individual levels, whilst providing a variety of obstacles appealing to differing disciplines, including skateboard, BMX, Wheelchair Moto Cross (WCMX) and scooter users.

Speaking with a few locals, they expressed general satisfaction with the recent improvements. while parents watch their children enjoy themselves at the park.

“This is so much safer for my kids to use.”


Vandalism was an issue in the prior skate park as well, which suggests this new adjustment may have a significant impact.



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